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Reopend in 2023 with an impressive entrance area

With a proud presence and incomparable elegance, the monumental 4 columns in the entrance area welcome visitors

and students alike at the Baylor Welcome Center.

They owe their impressive appearance to the exclusive use of our innovative AIR-board® elements.

These striking columns, artfully crafted using AIR-board®, not only lend a timeless aura to the entrance area, but also make a clear statement

of premium quality and refined design.

Our product, known for its remarkable lightness yet sturdy structure, perfectly reflects the values and prestigious character of Baylor University.

Experience an entrance area that has achieved not only its architectural splendor through AIR-board®, but also a harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality - a true expression of innovation and excellence.

Partner: CG Schmitt & Co

Architect: Populpos





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