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Flexible and innovative for decades

Design composite was founded in 1999 as the start-up from the ski producer Blizzard GmbH. Since 2005, Design Composite GmbH has existed as an independent company. The new company headquarters in Niedernsill, Austria, which was newly built in 2011, will continue to develop innovative and individual composite panels. The standard range includes high-strength light-weight panels with various cores and facing sheets as well as translucent architectural thermoplastic panels. The high-quality elements are produced in the 3,000 m² production facility with state-of-the-art facilities and are marketed worldwide.

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The company benefits from decades of experience in the field of lamination technology using state-of-the-art production facilities developed by us. Constant testing in the company's own laboratory and strict controls guarantee the highest quality of the products.


1999 Start-up through Blizzard Sport
2002 Establishment of an international distribution network & launch of the market "architecture & design elements"
2004 Split from Blizzard and reforming as DESIGN COMPOSITE GmbH - strong international growth
2008 Worldwide distribution (30 countries) - Focus on Europe / North America / Middle East / Australia
2011 New headquarters in Niedernsill
2015 Market launch of "translucent acoustics" & "ultra-light construction panels"
2021 Production digitization offensive
2022 Ecological commitment to sustainable lightweight solutions
2023 Market launch of translucent stone and purely thermoplastic lightweight elements with efficient reuse of materials and resources
2024 25th anniversary of the company!



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Our mission - "We design your composite"

We offer customized, environmentally friendly lightweight solutions for anyone who values resource efficiency and performance or is looking for unique design and functionality.

From conception to production, we implement individual customer requirements - from prototype to market-ready series production. Our experienced team has been working with passion and ease for over 20 years to realize even the most challenging projects.

We continuously inspire our partners with high-quality solutions and maintain reliable business relationships based on friendship and trust.

We are pioneers!



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