Versatile AIR-board® panels

The modular system of the sandwich panels from design composite integrates innovative decorative interior design, room acoustics and light planning. The elements made of high-quality thermoplastics can be used in many different ways in interior architecture and can be designed individually in colour and shape. Newly developed profile systems allow creative applications and exciting possibilities to be designed. The design composite planning team advises and supports all phases of technical and design implementation.

Illuminated or backlit, attractive light effects are created by the transparent honeycomb structure in the core of the panels.
From the visually pleasing partition in the office to the facade solution to the sophisticated shop design, everything is possible.

System solutions, including mounting frames and mounting aids, are especially valuable for interior design.


Panels made of translucent honeycomb cores with UV-stable polycarbonate or acrylic facing sheets are primarily used as decorative elements in interior and exterior areas.


The panel’s special effects are mainly from light scattering and light absorption, backlighting, integration of lights and other decorative materials.


Numerous possibilities in the individual design of the architectural panels regarding colour, surface, core, shape and special effects. Printed panels are also possible as well as shaping or special edge banding.



By means of a special bonding technology, it is possible to combine honeycomb-like cores with transparent thermoplastic facing sheets to form panels with unique optics.

The panels are available in 3 core versions:
AIR-board®: 7 mm cell diameter
big AIR-board®: 12 mm cell diameter
chaos AIR-board®: 4, 7 und 12 mm cell diameter

The numerous variants of the AIR-board® family are also distinguished by different surface layer materials, surface structures, physical properties, dimensions and colours.

Popular applications: sun screens, interior and exterior design, wall / ceiling, partitions, doors, shop and exhibition construction, stage construction, artistic applications, furniture, lighting design

AIR-board<sup>®</sup> UV PC clear | AIR-board<sup>®</sup> UV PC color

AIR-board® UV PC clear | AIR-board® UV PC color

The panels with polycarbonate facing sheets are characterized by translucent optics and the interesting 3D light scattering effects. The fire resistant and UV stable panels can be combined freely in colour, core design, form (2D) and thickness together with many additional features.

AIR-board<sup>®</sup> UV PMMA satin

AIR-board® UV PMMA satin

The panels with acrylic facing sheets have a particularly interesting appearance with optimized light scattering due to their satin surface. The panels remain translucent but are less transparent. In addition the acrylic surface is particularly scratch-resistant and robust.

design your composite.

The architectural panels from design composite can be combined as desired and can be individually arranged according to individual requirements. Honeycomb structure, colours, shapes (2D), thicknesses and additional design features such as digital printing or the integration of elements, e.g. glass crystals can be implemented individually as desired.

In this way the design elements can be tailor-made for your very special requirements - from a single piece to the start of serial production.

We are looking forward to your request and will be happy to advise you on your individual project!

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