Brand new product with "natural stone" design

The new AIR-board® stone light series was launched at BAU in Munich

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Design Composite's backlit clear-PEP® panel is part of ROSIE, a simulated lunar habitat at the Institute on Rosenberg.

Translucency, light-diffusing effects, light weight and


 very good stiffness convinced SAGA space architects to use it in the interior.

Illuminated or backlit, clear-PEP® creates attractive light effects due to the transparent honeycomb structure in its core.

clear-PEP® is easy to process and is available in a wide range of variations.

The ROSIE habitat is currently the tallest 3D printed polymer structure in the world. It is used to explore lunar habitats including airlocks, climate control, user interfaces and robotic support. ROSIE will be explored over the next 10 years by small crews of students and astronauts to gain further insight for lunar colonization.


For more information on the project, visit:





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Design Composite in cooperation with Kunststoff-Cluster

Waste avoidance and recycling are currently on everyone's lips - and with them numerous myths and misconceptions.

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Design Composite combines all requirements for modern interior design with the new acoustic panel 

AIR-board acoustic QUIET: sound insulation, sound absorption, architecture, light design & easy cleaning.

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Design Composite has developed ultra-light sandwich panels for sturdy motorhome chassis

In the future, the motor home manufacturer HYMER will use ready-to-install components from design composite - for more stable vehicle chassis with additional storage space.

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New design panel in black for inside and acoustics

With the new "black AIR-board®" product series, design composite not only follows the ongoing trend towards clear shapes and colours, but also gives the clever thermoplastic panels even more power in terms of design and lighting effects.

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clear-PEP® UV PC stage in the project "Earl of Devon London"

The premises of a disused pub in London have been cleverly transformed into brightly lit living and working spaces.

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design composite was successfully represented by our partner Ravago d.o.o. at the 35th Piran Days of Architecture in Slovenia. The well-organized fair was once again visited by numerous architects.

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The Making of

In recent months we have worked feverishly and with great pleasure on our new company film which we are delighted to present to you today.

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TOP-lite® GRP ultra 17 saves 200 kg per truck body kit

We specialize in providing exactly the right products for the needs of our customers, so we regularly adapt our standard assortment to meet market demands. 

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