An active contribution

The location of the company inspires the entire team to make a contribution to reducing environmental pollution. Surrounded by mountains and meadows, design composite has relied on the most modern techniques of ecological construction during the building of the new production facility in Salzburg's Pinzgau region. The measures implemented have resulted in a positive energy balance and made it possible to save a calculated CO² emission equivalent of 103 tonnes per year.



design composite – green facts

At the company's new premises all sustainable heating and hot water generation for the factory and administration building were utilized. The aim was to make the best possible use of all natural and production-related energy sources. Thus the use of conventional heating systems it is not necessary. Within the scope of the production process work is constantly being carried out to reduce wastage. In cooperation with suppliers old panels are taken back and can be recycled and reused. However due to the very long life cycle of design composite products a lot of time elapses between the manufacture and the recycling of the products.


The building is built according to the latest technical guidelines. Heat recovery from the production processes and state-of-the-art exhaust air filter systems ensure a positive ecological balance.


Due to its extremely long life, the use of recycled materials and the reusability of worn out plastic materials can make a valuable contribution as an ecologically responsible product.

Heat recovery.

The heat energy obtained from the system is used via the heat distributor to:

  • Room heating of the administrative building by means of underfloor heating
  • Space heating of the production building by means of concrete core activation
  • Air preheating of the ventilation and extraction systems
  • Hot water production

CO² savings.

In addition to the active use of heat, appropriate CO² savings measures were also implemented in the structural design:

  • High thermal insulation of all building elements
  • Passive solar energy use through building orientation
  • Façade design (south facing glass façade)

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