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Translucent architectural panels
Exterior & Interior

As a pioneer in the composite panel sector and an industry trailblazer when it comes to sustainability, we are always open to new technologies and innovations. We design our products to be as sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. The design elements are made from recycled or bio-based raw materials.

In design composites core production facility unique honeycomb cores with a special structure are produced. They help the thermoplastic design elements to create fascinating effects with regard to light scattering and light absorption. The panels with TRIcore or AIR-board® honeycomb cores and polycarbonate or acrylic cover layers can be designed freely in colour, core design, shape, thickness and with many additional features such as printing. The decorative elements can be used in interior and exterior architecture as well as a multifunctional acoustic panel.

Translucency and light-scattering effects complement the unique technical characteristics such as fire resistance (UV PC difficult to ignite), low weight, very good stiffness and are made from 100% recycled or bio-based raw materials. Illuminated or backlit, attractive light effects are created by the transparent honeycomb structure in the core of the panels.


Panels made of translucent honeycomb cores with UV-stable polycarbonate or acrylic facing sheets are primarily used as decorative elements in interior and exterior areas.


Numerous possibilities in the individual design of the architectural panels regarding colour, surface, core, shape and special effects. Printed panels are also possible as well as shaping or special edge banding.

3D effect

The panel’s special effects are mainly from light scattering and light absorption, backlighting, integration of lights and other decorative materials.


The design elements are made from recycled or bio-based raw materials.

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