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Design Composite in cooperation with Kunststoff-Cluster

Waste avoidance and recycling are currently on everyone's lips - and with them numerous myths and misconceptions.

With the help of the new teaching aid box "Dealing with plastic the right way", Kunststoff-Cluster wants to dispel widespread prejudices about plastic as an environmental polluter. The box contains 14 productsamples, all of which show how plastics can be used in a variety of ways. Companies are invited to support the project and provide schools in their region with such teaching material boxes.

design composite has supported this project with its high-quality Terrazza Maxi Eco floor panel for balconies and terraces using recycled PET core material.

In recent years, the term "plastic" has really become a dirty word. Products made of plastic of all kinds are under heavy criticism: be it the plastic bag, the plastic bottle or the plastic packaging on the supermarket shelf. In part, this criticism is justified and important to stimulate a rethink in society. At the same time, it is impossible to imagine our everyday lives without plastics: they enable advanced medical technology or energy-efficient logistics, for example, and are now popular materials in modern vehicle construction.


Knowledge instead of myths

Many people outside the plastics industry are not aware that the negatively associated word 'plastic' hides numerous exciting topics and areas of application. The new teaching aid box offers students, teachers and non-school education providers a great, low-threshold opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of plastics. The wide range of thematic starting points also makes it clear how difficult it is to imagine a world without plastics. Instead, it is important to learn how to deal with plastics properly - and this is exactly what the teaching toolbox is perfect for.

All that is plastic

Whether it's a 3D-printed skull, colorful ants or a drinking cup - 14 product examples are used to illustrate the many possible uses of plastics. In addition to the plastics box, teachers can also use digital teaching materials with a modular structure. The Education Group GmbH developed this material together with the Plastics Cluster. In addition to conveying specialist knowledge, a particular concern was also to motivate students to deal with plastic products in a responsible and reflective manner.




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