clear-PEP® UV PC stage in the project "Earl of Devon London"

The premises of a disused pub in London have been cleverly transformed into brightly lit living and working spaces.

The original ceiling height of 3.3 metres has been utilised allowing the penetration of a large amount of daylight. By removing some of the walls and replacing the dull colours, the potential of the property came to the fore. Everything in this project is kept in white - it's about different reflections and textures to improve the new design and gain daylight qualitites.

The final phase of the refurbishment was to convert the existing basement rooms to use as a laboratory or office. For this purpose a cavity has been created along the length of the exterior glazing on the ground floor so that natural light illuminates the floor. This was further enhanced by the use of translucent clear-PEP® UV PC stage panels.

The panels have a scratch-resistant, non-slip surface and can carry a weight of 500 kg / m2. The translucent panels are available in standard size 2000 x 1000 x 40 mm. The low weight allows the use of cost-efficient designs and the use of LED lighting can result in a unique ambience. 

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