Simulated moon habitat at Institut auf dem Rosenberg by SAGA Space Architects

design composite is proud that their clear-PEP backlit architectural panel was chosen for this exciting project

                                 Translucency, light diffusing effects, light weight and very good stiffness make design composites panels extremely attractive and were

therefore selected by SAGA Architects.

                  When illuminated or backlit, attractive light effects are created by the transparent honeycomb structure and the core of the panels.

                                                       Tthe first sketches for this project were made in September 2021, and since then more than 300 sketches have been

drawn before the final form was determined.

The space habitat / habitation module is based on the knowledge and experience gained form the habitat and LUNARK mission.

The ROSIE habitat is currently the tallest 3D printed polymer structure in the world.

                               The main goal is to have a realistic architectural representation of what a moon habitat looks like, but also a functioning habitat with airlock,

climate control, user interface and remote robotic assistance.

ROSIE will be tested over 10 years with small crews of students and astronauts to achieve optimal research results.





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