TOP-lite® GRP ultra 17 saves 200 kg per truck body kit

We specialize in providing exactly the right products for the needs of our customers, so we regularly adapt our standard assortment to meet market demands. 

The demand for high payloads for distribution vehicles is rising steadily. That's why we've developed an ultralight 17 mm sandwich panel that can replace the large-scale and comparatively heavy plywood panels with GRP facings.

During product development care was taken to achieve an optimum balance between weight savings and mechanical properties. The result is the lightweight TOP-lite® GRP ultra 17 panel with just 3,5 kg/m2 which can be used in the standard 17 mm profile systems. A resulting weight saving of up to 200 kg per truck body kit is therefore possible. This weight advantage, as additional payload, benefits the customer directly. To view the data sheet please click here.


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