clear-PEP® panels for energy generation through algae photosynthesis

Expo 2017 takes place from June to September in Kazakhstan under the motto "Energy for the Future". The world exhibition in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, is intended to contribute to an intensified awareness of energy issues. It sees itself as a signal for people, organizations and nations across borders to work together on the global challenges of the future.

Up to 5 million visitors are expected. The undisputed highlight and centrepiece of the imposing Expo area is an 80-meter high walk in glass sphere. The Swiss company Adunic has constructed several floors of the "Museum of Future Energy" in the "Sphere". The translucent greenhouses - where energy is produced by photosynthesis using a special algal liquid - was built by the specialist for temporary structures with clear-PEP® panels. design composite thus helps to demonstrate future energy production. In addition to the optical advantages and light transmittance, clear-PEP® impresses above all with its technical characteristics such as high stability, 3D optical effects, translucence and fire resistance.


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